Top Five Portfolio Plugins For WordPress

Our experienced professionals at the WordPress Plugin Support have worked for more than 10 years to offer the best assistance to WordPress users. They have come up with a list of the best plugins for sharing your portfolio with other WordPress users or business clients.
1. Awesome Filterable Portfolio
This is the best option for designers, artists, photographers for creating, managing and publishing a modern and outstanding portfolio. The portfolio can be easily filtered using animations, image hover effects that you can select to customize the look of your portfolio. Awesome Filterable Portfolio also offers many other advantages including configuring animation properties, categorizing portfolio items, availability in more than 9 languages with more coming, and video tutorial among others.

2. Responsive Filterable Portfolio
It is one of the most beautiful and responsive plugin that you can use for your WordPress blog and website. As an Administrator, you can manage endless videos, images, links from your portfolio grid along with adding, editing, and deleting videos, links, images. It provides the option of setting media title to lightbox and you can preview the portfolio grid before adding it to your WordPress blog. Responsive Filterable Portfolio allows you to set the height and width of portfolio media along with setting background color. To know more, connect with the WordPress Support experts.

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3. WordPress Portfolio Plugin
The best plugin that permits you to show your website portfolio by using a single page on your WordPress blog via thumbnail. The WordPress Portfolio Plugin is the best option for creating a new page and pasting it to your portfolio. It also offers uploading custom images for any type of portfolio listing, a responsive Grid View layout, and directory support among other features.

4. Portfolio Photo Gallery
Portfolio Photo Gallery is the best option if you are looking to do everything that you can through your portfolio project. Using YouTube or Vimeo videos along with formatted text, present samples of the best portfolio in categorized manner. Apart from this, you can also create unlimited portfolios with unlimited images, projects, videos, and also use their seven special types of layouts.

5. Go Portfolio
This uses a vast number of features and designing options for a percent-based grid layout. The Go Portfolio comes with four default styles, customizable horizontal and vertical spaces, support among other countless features. You can use this to add unlimited filters, filter colors, customize border settings, and link gallery among other countless features.

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