Top 5 FREE & Best WordPress Themes | 2018

I’ve personally installed and tested a TON of free WordPress themes since I first started and these 5 are the BEST of the BEST for 2018! I rated these themes based on ease of use, clean design, and customization to help you select the one that will most fit your needs! However, I highly recommend going with a paid theme if you want to get serious with your website. You have A LOT more customization options and preset options to help you design some insane stuff. Hope you enjoy the video!

Just in case, here’s my video on the Top 10 Premium Themes:

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Top 5 FREE & Best WordPress Themes | 2018:

1. Hestia Theme:

2. Ocean WP Theme:
(Don’t forget to download the ELEMENTOR plugin)

3. Optimizer Theme:

4. Mesmerize Theme:

5. Shapely Theme:

Also as promised, here are the links to my other tutorials…

How to Make a Website From Scratch 2018 (Hestia Theme):

How to Create an Online Store 2018 (Ocean WP Theme):

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