How To Make a WordPress Website – 2016

Learn how to create a website without coding and under 2 hours. Don’t settle for a ordinary site. Build an extraordinary site that sells online courses. If your willing to dedicate a few our of your time, you will have a beautiful, highly-scalable, and highly customizable website on a economical budget that you will not regret.

From this “How to Make a WordPress Website” tutorial, I will teach you how to share your knowledge online by creating courses. Its not just a website. Its a platform that is mobile friendly and responsive providing a great experience on your tablet, phone, or your personal computer.

I will show you how to create your own blog, to earning a smart passive income without the need of learning any coding such as html or css.

This tutorial was designed for entrepreneurs, bloggers, beginners, and small business owners who want to create their own empire by building niche websites that teach courses.

Introduction 0:11
Why build Online Courses 2:46
Overview & Costs 3:41

Step 1. Set up Hosting Service & Domain Name through 8:03
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1.1 View Email to Check Order Details & Enter Control Panel 16:55
1.2 Adjust Control Panel to Needs (Drag & Drop) 19:43
1.3 Change Password 19:35
1.4 Why Online Courses 20:25
1.5 Tour 22:50

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Step 2: Install Word Press 27:53
2.1 Remove Unnecessary Plugins

Step 3: Get theme at
Download Theme:
Note: Do Not Unzip Theme. I will show you within the video.
3.1 Installing the Academy Theme 37:21
3.2 Adding Demo Content 39:35
3.3 Adding a Blog Page 42:15
3.4 Customizing the Theme Settings 44:14
3.5 Installing Necessary Plugins 45:49
3.6 Modifying the Theme’s Appearance 49:20
3.7 Create Systems to Improve Efficiency 53:41
3.8 Create a Logo 53:41
3.9 Create a Course 1:01:46
3.10 Configuring the Home Page 1:07:42
3.11 Inserting Shortcodes 1:10:24
3.12 Adding Testimonials 1:11:50
3.13 Changing the Slider 1:15:25
3.13.1 Adding Lessons 1:22:40
3.14 Changing the About Page 1:31:00
3.15 More on Shortcodes 1:33:57
3.16 Update Systems 1:38:26

4 Congratulations 1:40:33
4.1 Install WooCommerce Plugin 1:40:35

P.S – This video is roughly 2 hours long and took hundreds of hours to plan and create. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Please like to show your appreciation 🙂

“If you create a Plan, then you can’t Fail.” Believe in yourself, your goals, and you can accomplish anything.

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Lastly, Stay Dangerous my Friends, and always live on the Edge.

Joe Danger

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