How to Make a WordPress Website 2016

This WordPress tutorial shows you how to build a website with WordPress 2016, step by step, Learn how to make a business website that’s super professional. Absolutely no programming skills needed. The WordPress site we are building will be equipped with the most up to date plugins and tools, to get you started immediately for 2016.
More importantly, this “Make a website” tutorial teaches you how to create a blog within the free website you will be building, and then how to optimize it even before you launch it, so that you’re SEO ready, right off the bat. You’ll also learn how to customize your website, so you can build it any way you want.


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12:48 Get a domain name and a hosting plan
21:17 Go to your email inbox
22:13 Log into cPanel and install WordPress
24:43 Log into WordPress
26:24 Install the Sydney Theme
27:26 Install the suggested initial two plugins
28:23 Create a Child Theme
30:45 Create the Home page and the Blog page
31:20 Customize the website
42:49 Create a Custom Logo and Favicon
50:20 Upload Logo and Favicon
51:29 Create the “Our Services” section (Home Page)
52:03 Download and install the settings file
53:42 Continue creating the “Our Services” section
1:01:01 Create the “What We Do” section (Home Page)
1:05:07 Create the “Two Call To Actions” section (Home Page)
1:10:35 Create the video section (Home Page)
1:12:26 Create another call to action (Home Page)
1:15:17 Create the “About” page
1:32:30 Create the “Contact Us” page
1:39:35 Create a Menu
1:44:45 Create the Gallery page
1:51:35 Create the “Testimonials” page
2:04:11 Create 3 services’ pages (Inspiration, Marketing and Design)
2:08:06 Create the “Upgrade” page
2:11:00 Create the “Meet The Crew” page
2:17:09 Create the “Resources” page
2:17:55 Create sub-menus
2:22:41 Add social media buttons
2:26:20 Create an opt-in form
2:27:50 Set up email marketing with MailChimp
2:31:37 Create a professional email
2:37:54 Finish creating the opt-in form
2:41:34 Create posts for the blog
2:48:10 Add the “Latest From Our Blog” section (Home Page)
2:50:54 Customize the sidebar
2:52:38 Add the Easy “Facebook Like Box” plugin
2:52:58 Add the “Recent Posts Widget Extended” plugin
2:57:20 Change the Copyright message in the lowest part of the footer
3:02:05 Add custom CSS code to make the site look even better
3:03:54 Download the Yoast SEO plugin & optimize the pages
3:08:08 Website completed, final log out & a Goodbye message

Resources for this tutorial are available at this link:

The Sydney theme is what we used for the website design. And it’s a highly reviewed WordPress theme. In fact, it was consistently chose as one of the top 10 themes in WordPress. If you want to upgrade to the Pro version, click here:

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