Get started with FEEDZY – The Free RSS Feed Plugin for WordPress

To help you display the feeds on your website, WordPress has many plugins such as Feedzy RSS Lite which displays basic RSS with shortcodes and widgets.

Get started with FEEDZY RSS Lite:

STEP #1 – Install the plugin.
STEP #2 – Feed Categories.
STEP #3 – Adding A Feed To A Post/Page.
STEP #4 – Customizing The Look Of The Feed.
STEP #5 – Adding A Feed To Your Sidebar.

What is RSS?

Rich Site Summary / Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a time-tested technology that works for both publishers and subscribers.

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While it allows publishers to automatically syndicate their content, it helps a subscriber to keep track of fresh content without having to visit each website manually.

WordPress has built-in support for RSS feeds, and each page you publish can direct a reader to your RSS feed.

When it comes to signing up for RSS feeds, subscribers need help from a program called feed readers or aggregators.

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