Best WordPress Themes 2020

David and David tell you about the best WordPress themes in 2020. We highly recommend themes made by StudioPress. StudioPress has dozens of themes that a great fit, no matter what type of website you’re trying to build.

You can get free themes from StudioPress when you sign up for a WP Engine hosting plan.

We prefer StudioPress themes to one of the thousands of “free” themes, mainly because most free themes aren’t really free — you have to pay for a Pro version to get all of its features.

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We’d also recommend choosing a StudioPress theme over a page builder theme like Elementor, because page builders are often bloated and clunky, which can slow down your website. A slow website is bad for SEO.

Get a StudioPress Theme:

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Learn how to build a website using a StudioPress theme:

Check out the website we built using a StudioPress theme and WP Engine hosting:

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