$10,000 Contest: Viral Marketing WordPress Plugin For YouTube Videos, Twitter, FaceBook & More!!!


Contest Burner has now officially launched with this amazing $10,000 contest. Get your own copy of ContestBurner, a free eBook & more training videos. Learn online marketing from Bill McIntosh and use this cool WordPress plugin to increase website traffic for your business. One of the best Internet marketing techniques is using a viral marketing, viral advertising or viral video campaign. I’ll show you how to do all 3 at once!

I’m Bill McIntosh & I’ve got possibly the biggest announcement in my entire 11 years of successfully working in the world on online marketing

Now this announcement is all about how you can use viral marketing techniques to drive free traffic to your website & customers into your business.

And that is… I’m announcing the public launch of contestburner.com… And the best part of this announcement is that to celebrate our launch I’m giving away over $10,000 in cash & prizes

On top of that, I’m also giving away free ebooks, A free video tutorial, free training on my weekly LIVE Internet show & a free downloadable viral marketing tool. I’ll be teaching you how to use viral marketing to increase business on your own website

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Contestburner is a plugin designed for websites built on the wordpress blogging system and what it does is simply amazing.

Now before I tell you exactly what contestburner does I want to show you why I had my team build it in the firstplace…

You can reward your contestants for doing things like:

linking to your web site
commenting on your blog
subscribing to your newsletters

and here’s where it gets really good… Contestburner can also works directly with sites like Twitter, facebook & youtube to make your contest EXPLODE with a viral marketing campaign. You can also reward contestants for:

commenting on your youtube videos
video responses about your contest on youtube
subscribing to your youtube videos
Sending tweets on twitter
posting to facebook

comment on youtube
subscribe w the yellow button
and then rate it
& if you like it, you can favorite it too

Then go http://www.contestburner.com & sign up for the contest… the actions you took on this video will give you tickets into our contest. Now there are many other ways to win tickets & you’ll find out about it when you visit contestburner.com

Oh, I almost forgot… I’ve created a special free version of contestburner with some very effective features & you can download for free after joining the contest…

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