WordPress Plugin : Top 25 Social Icons (social Icon Plugin)

Plugin Url: http://wordpress.org/plugins/top-25-social-icons/

top 25 social icon plugin allows you to display social icons that links your visitor to social profiles, it is really easy to mange.



now you can link your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+, Digg, Reddit
LinkedIn, Instagram, Flicker, Dribble, Email, InstaGram, Vimeo, YELP, Tumblar, StumbleUpon, Skype, Evernote, Github, RSS, MySpace, Forrst, Deviantart, Last.fm, xing

different type of image-types added. HD social ICons are added.

there are 50+ social icon set for top 25 social icons.

get social icon set. http://vyasdipen.wordpress.com/

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